Hi, I'm Phu

I’ve spent over a decade leading teams at high growth, consumer facing product-led companies.

I’m currently heading up the Product org at Thriva where I’m leading product teams on a mission to put better health in everyone’s hands.

Things I care about

  • I enjoy working on challenging problems and impactful products.
  • I care passionately about culture, building great teams and crafting meaningful experiences.
  • I like thinking in systems and designing for scale.
  • I value great food, meaningful experiences and continuous learning.

Where to find me

  • You can reach me via email at
  • If we’ve met, connect with me on LinkedIn
  • if we have shared interests, follow me on Twitter

Lets meet in person

I live in London and am often found at Product, Design & Tech events.
I’m always happy to discuss speaking at them too!

I highly value learning - I love finding people, teams and organisations to learn from and help so get in touch.